New rules in World Rugby

New rules in World Rugby: Players can shift to national teams

New rules in World Rugby

Sir Bill Beaumont chairman of World Ruby announces the new rules in World Rugby from 1 January 2022. It’s going to be a huge move in World Rugby.

According to new rugby rules: Rugby players are allowed to switch to national teams. That means, they can associate with their ‘parents’ or ‘grandparents’ birthplace as well it must be according to the criteria of  36 months stand down.

A rugby player can represent the place of their birth which is a kind of dream for players. The decisions are for the betterment of rugby and player all over the world.

If a player meets the requirements, can change their union once and need approval.

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont said:  “Approval of this landmark regulatory change is the culmination of detailed and widespread modelling and consultation across the game. We have listened to our membership and players and sought to update the regulation recognising the modern professional rugby environment without compromising the integrity of the international game”.

Consultation with all the global rugby players is there in the making of these new rugby rules in world rugby.

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