Rob Baxter: Six Nations 2022 should be playing in one country

Rob Baxter: Six Nations 2022 should be playing in one country

Exeter Rugby director Rob Baxter said:

“The whole beauty of the Six Nations has been that change of environment, that change of weather conditions, going to play in Scotland, Wales, Ireland – those are the great challenges,”

The six nations 2022 will start on 05 Feb 2022. Ireland Vs Wales will be playing their first game at Aviva Stadium. It would be the 23rd season of the league.

Baxter said:

“You’ve seen French teams in that one week they can beat anyone in the world in Paris, and then the next week it doesn’t go quite so well in Cardiff. That’s the beauty of the tournament, that’s what from a rugby perspective I am sure we would all want to see happen.

“For the national bodies, their responsibility goes beyond the professional sport, it goes right down to grassroots rugby, so if playing the tournament provides a level of income that canceling it or no crowds doesn’t create, then we’ve got to look at the next best scenario.

“If the next best scenario is playing it in one country, where you can have sellout crowds, you can raise some revenue and you can keep that income stream going for all the bodies, then it’s got to be better than canceling it.

“I think with every sporting body, it’s revenue that is the biggest thing that has been damaged, so anything that can keep revenue online has got to be preferable to just binning things for a season.

“We’ve all had to try and find a way to keep going, to try and keep revenue coming in. It’s the same with any business, you’ve got to explore those options.”

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