Six Nations 2022 Fixtures

Six Nations 2022 Fixtures – Complete Details

Six Nations 2022 Fixtures – Complete Details

As usual, there are six teams for Guinness Rugby Championship 2022. England, Wales, Italy, France, Scotland, and Ireland are the participant in Guinness Six Nations 2022 Rugby Championship. Here we go with Six Nations 2022 Fixtures.

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Rugby Championship 2022 Fixtures are divided into 5 Rounds. Each team has to play 5 matches during this year’s rugby championship season. We have mentioned the details for all the matches, where the matches will be playing, and the details for venues.

All the matches of this Rugby Championship 2022 will be hosted on six venues. Below is the list of all six venues.

    • Aviva Stadium
    • BT Murrayfield
    • Stade de France
    • Principality Stadium
    • Stadio Olimpico
    • Twickenham

Six Nations 2022 Fixtures

Round 1

05 Feb 2022Ireland Vs Wales2:15 PMAviva Stadium
05 Feb 2022Scotland Vs England4:45 PMBT Murrayfield
06 Feb 2022France Vs Italy3:00 PMStade de France

  • The first match between Ireland Vs Wales will be played at Aviva Stadium. The unique structure of the stadium makes it a more good-looking stadium,  at a time 51,700 spectators can enjoy the match.
  • Murrayfield Stadium has 67,144 rugby lovers space. A huge amount of spectators capacity makes the stadium an ideal venue for the Guinness six nations 2022 rugby championship. That’s why in the second game Scotland and England coming head to head here.
  • When it comes to the comparison of capacity between the other two stadiums we mentioned, Stade de France stadium offers a capacity of 81,338 people. It is an impressive number. France will play their first match with Italy on their home ground.

Round 2

12 Feb 2022Wales Vs Scotland2:15 PMPrincipality Stadium
12 Feb 2022France Vs Ireland4:45 PMStade de France
13 Feb 2022Italy Vs England3:00 PMStadio Olimpico

  • The retractable roof of Principality Stadium makes the stadium suitable for every weather. The stadium has hosted rugby world cup games as well and has a 74,500 audience capacity now. Wales and Socalnad going to play their second games here.
  • Again the France Rugby team will play their second match on home ground at Stade de France stadium with Ireland. The stadium going to buzz on Saturday 12 February 2022.
  • Stadio Olimpico is a historical Italian stadium, which was opened in 1973. The Stadium contains a capacity of 72,698 people. Also, it has the honor of hosting the Fifa World Cup.

Round 3

26 Feb 2022Scotland Vs France2:15 PMBT Murrayfield
26 Feb 2022England Vs Wales4:45 PMTwickenham
27 Feb 2022Ireland Vs Italy3:00 PMAviva Stadium

  • Scotland and France becoming head to head at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium. BT Murrayfield Rugby Stadium is the home ground for Scotland. It is the largest stadium in Scotland having a capacity of 67,144 audiences.
  • The Twickenham Stadium is located in the UK. It is a home ground for the England rugby team. Usually, they play practice matches here and 82,000 spectators can enjoy the rugby match at once. Moreover, England and Wales play their third game one this venue.
  • The Aviva Stadium going to host their home team Ireland with Italy in the 3rd round of the Six Nations rugby championship this year. It going to be a good competing between both teams.

Round 4

11 Mar 2022Wales Vs France8:00 PMPrincipality Stadium
12 Mar 2022Italy Vs Scotland2:15 PMStadio Olimpico
12 Mar 2022England Vs Ireland4:45 PMTwickenham

  • The fourth and second last round of the 6 Nations Rugby championship 2022 will start with a match between Wales vs France. Last year, they had one of the best matches, France scored 32 points and Wales 30. So, It was an impressive game.
  • Over 70,000 audiences can enjoy the rugby game between Itlay Vs Scotland. Also, Stadio Olimpico is the home ground for many football clubs, such as Roma and Lazio. The last time when they were head to head, Scotland was excellent. They beat Italy with 52 points. On the other hand, Italy scored only 10 points.
  • The last match of the fourth round for this Guinness Rugby Championship 2022 will be played between England and Ireland. Both teams have a good track record when they come head to head. Spectators always enjoy their matches.

Matches in last Round 5

19 Mar 2022Wales Vs Italy2:15 PMPrincipality Stadium
19 Mar 2022Ireland Vs Scotland4:45 PMAviva Stadium
19 Mar 2022France Vs England8:00 PMStade de France

  • The final or last round of this year 6 Nations Guinness Rugby Championship 2022 will start on Saturday 19 March 2022. All the teams in round 5 going to play their last matches for this year’s Rugby Championship.
  • Principality Stadium is all set to host the first match of the 5th round, Wales and Italy are the contenders to play the last game of rugby championship for this year.
  • Ireland and Scotland will play their final rugby match at Aviva Stadium.
  • England vs France end the 6 Nations rugby championship 2022 season with their last match at the famous Stade de France football stadium.


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