Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Fixtures

Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Fixtures – Complete Details

Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Fixtures – Complete Details

Super Rugby Pacific 2022 would be the 27th season of Super Rugby Pacific. As usual teams from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga will be playing in the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific. Here we have the complete details of Super Rugby Pacific 2022 Fixtures.

Round 1

7:05 PM18 FebruaryMoana Pasifika v BluesMt Smart Stadium, Auckland
9:45 PM18 FebruaryWaratahs v Fijian DruaTBC
4:35 PM19 FebruaryChiefs v HighlandersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
7:05 PM19 FebruaryCrusaders v HurricanesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
9:45 PM19 FebruaryReds v RebelsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
12:00 AM20 FebruaryForce v BrumbiesHBF Park, Perth

Round 2

7:05 PM25 FebruaryChiefs v Moana PasifikaFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
9:45 PM25 FebruaryWaratahs v RedsTBC
4:35 PM26 FebruaryBrumbies v Fijian DruaGIO Stadium, Canberra
7:05 PM26 FebruaryHighlanders v CrusadersForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
9:45 PM26 FebruaryRebels v ForceAAMI Park, Melbourne
3:35 PM27 FebruaryBlues v HurricanesEden Park, Auckland

Round 3

7:05 PM4 MarchMoana Pasifika v CrusadersMt Smart Stadium, Auckland
9:45 PM4 MarchFijian Drua v RebelsTBC
12:00 AM5 MarchForce v RedsHBF Park, Perth
4:35 PM5 MarchBlues v ChiefsEden Park, Auckland
7:05 PM5 MarchHurricanes v HighlandersSky Stadium, Wellington
9:45 PM5 MarchBrumbies v WaratahsGIO Stadium, Canberra

Round 4

7:05 PM11 MarchBlues v HighlandersSemenoff Stadium, Whangarei
9:45 PM11 MarchRebels v BrumbiesAAMI Park, Melbourne
12:00 AM12 MarchForce v WaratahsHBF Park, Perth
4:35 PM12 MarchHurricanes v Moana PasifikaSky Stadium, Wellington
7:05 PM12 MarchCrusaders v ChiefsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
9:45 PM12 MarchReds v Fijian DruaSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Round 5

7:05 PM18 MarchHighlanders v Moana PasifikaForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
9:45 PM18 MarchBrumbies v RedsGIO Stadium, Canberra
4:35 PM19 MarchFijian Drua v ForceTBC
7:05 PM19 MarchHurricanes v ChiefsSky Stadium, Wellington
9:45 PM19 MarchWaratahs v RebelsTBC
3:35 PM19 MarchCrusaders v BluesOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch

Round 6

7:05 PM25 MarchMoana Pasifika v HurricanesMt Smart Stadium, Auckland
9:45 PM25 MarchRebels v Fijian DruaAAMI Park, Melbourne
4:35 PM26 MarchHighlanders v BluesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
7:05 PM26 MarchChiefs v CrusadersFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
9:45 PM26 MarchReds v WaratahsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
4:00 PM27 MarchBrumbies v ForceGIO Stadium, Canberra

Round 7

7:05 PM1 AprilCrusaders v HighlandersOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
9:45 PM1 AprilFijian Drua v WaratahsTBC
7:05 PM2 AprilBlues v Moana PasifikaEden Park, Auckland
9:45 PM2 AprilReds v BrumbiesSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Bye: Chiefs, Hurricanes, Force, Rebels

Round 8

7:05 PM8 AprilHurricanes v CrusadersSky Stadium, Wellington
9:45 PM8 AprilForce v RebelsHBF Park, Perth
7:05 PM9 AprilChiefs v BluesFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
9:45 PM9 AprilFijian Drua v BrumbiesTBC
Bye: Chiefs, Hurricanes, Force, RebelsBye: Moana Pasifika, Highlanders, Reds, Waratahs

Round 9

7:05 PM15 AprilMoana Pasifika v ChiefsMt Smart Stadium, Auckland
9:45 PM15 AprilRebels v RedsAAMI Park, Melbourne
7:05 PM16 AprilHighlanders v HurricanesForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
9:45 PM16 AprilWaratahs v ForceTBC
Bye: Blues, Crusaders, Brumbies, Fijian Drua

Round 10

8:00 PM22 AprilChiefs v WaratahsAAMI Park, Melbourne
10:30 PM22 AprilMoana Pasifika v ForceAAMI Park, Melbourne
7:05 PM23 AprilBlues v Fijian DruaAAMI Park, Melbourne
9:45 PM23 AprilHurricanes v RedsAAMI Park, Melbourne
4:00 PM24 AprilHighlanders v BrumbiesAAMI Park, Melbourne
6:30 PM24 AprilCrusaders v RebelsAAMI Park, Melbourne

Round 11

9:45 PM29 AprilReds v ChiefsSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
12:00 AM30 AprilForce v BluesHBF Park, Perth
4:35 PM30 AprilFijian Drua v HighlandersTBC
7:05 PM30 AprilWaratahs v CrusadersTBC
9:45 PM30 AprilRebels v Moana PasifikaAAMI Park, Melbourne
4:00 PM1 MayBrumbies v HurricanesGIO Stadium, Canberra

Round 12

7:05 PM13 MayHighlanders v ForceForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin
9:45 PM13 MayBrumbies v CrusadersGIO Stadium, Canberra
4:35 PM14 MayFijian Drua v Moana PasifikaTBC
7:05 PM14 MayBlues v RedsEden Park, Auckland
9:45 PM14 MayWaratahs v HurricanesTBC
4:00 PM15 MayRebels v ChiefsAAMI Park, Melbourne

Round 14

7:05 PM20 MayCrusaders v Fijian DruaOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
9:45 PM20 MayReds v Moana PasifikaSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
4:35 PM21 MayChiefs v ForceFMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
7:05 PM21 MayHurricanes v RebelsSky Stadium, Wellington
9:45 PM21 MayBrumbies v BluesGIO Stadium, Canberra
3:35 PM21 MayHighlanders v WaratahsForsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin

Round 15

7:05 PM27 MayCrusaders v RedsOrangetheory Stadium, Christchurch
9:45 PM27 MayFijian Drua v ChiefsTBC
7:05 PM28 MayMoana Pasifika v BrumbiesMt Smart Stadium, Auckland
9:45 PM28 MayWaratahs v BluesTBC
12:00 AM29 MayForce v HurricanesHBF Park, Perth
4:00 PM29 MayRebels v HighlandersAAMI Park, Melbourne


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