World Rugby Rankings 2021 after the Autumn Nations Series

World Rugby Rankings 2021 after the Autumn Nations Series

World Rugby Rankings 2021

World Rugby Rankings 2021 has officially been announced after the Autumn Nations Series. We have seen the best games in the Autumn Nations Series event, that is the reason we can see the massive change for a few teams in terms of world rugby rankings.

The Autumn Nations Series was good for some teams at the same time it made problems for other times. The teams who were not good in the tournament, have to face a decrease in world rugby rankings.

South Africa was successful in maintaining its top position in the world rugby rankings table. They had a close match 27-26 with England at Twickenham. New Zealand can not retain its position. They have lost two important games against Ireland and France.

Remember: New Zealand was at the top of the world rugby rankings table before the Autumn Nations Series starts.

England took revenge from the World Champion South Africa for their defeat in 2019. They are in the 3rd spot on the table. Ireland is behind them in the 4th position in world rugby rankings. Both England and Ireland were best in the Autumn Nations Series, that was the reason the ranking of both improved.

It would be interesting to see them playing in the Guinness Six Nations 2022 Rugby Championship

Australia had troubles in the series, they face a dropdown in their ranking. Unfortunately, they have not won any game in the series that push them from 3rd to the 6th position on the world rugby rankings table after the Autumn Nations Series.

When it comes to France they defeat a top New Zealand team, it was a historical 40-25 win for them. Now France is in 5th position on the table.

After the series, Scotland stays in 7th place. Scotland was good during the whole Autumn Nations Series because they won three games out of four and face only one defeat.

Wales made an interesting 29-28 victory against Australia and move to the 8th position on the table. Almost the same as Australia, Argentina faced troubles. They faced a big defeat in Dublin and Japan.

Argentina is in 9th and Japan in 10th position of world rugby ranking table.

World Rugby Rankings 2021

1South Africa90.61
2New Zealand88.75


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